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Western Crowned Pigeon

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Columbidae is a bird family constituted of pigeons and doves. These are stout-bodied birds with short necks, and short slender bills that in some species feature fleshy ceres. They primarily feed on seeds, fruits, and plants. The family occurs worldwide, but the greatest variety is in the Indomalaya and Australasia ecozones I have split the birds photographed in its Genus where it belongs if there are at least 2 photographs. The genera with only 1 photograph are combined for now in Various

There are around 310 different species in this group of which I have photographed so far 73 different ones. In case of differences between male and female birds I have added both if available

Below you will find the genus in alphabetic order.

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Updated 14/03/2020

Genus Chalcophaps is a genus of small doves. The genus contains three species


Genus Columba. The large bird genus Columba comprises a group of medium to large stout-bodied pigeons, often referred to as the typical pigeons. The genus contains thirty-six species


Genus Columbina. Columbina is a genus of small ground-doves that live in the New World. Species in Columbina have ranges from the southern United States through Central America and much of South America. Columbina doves are normally found in pairs or small flocks. They generally occur in open country. The genus contains seven species


Genus Ducula. Ducula is a major genus of the pigeon family Columbidae, collectively known as imperial pigeons. They are large to very large pigeons with a heavy build and medium to long tails. They are arboreal and feed mainly on fruit. The genus contains forty-one species


Genus Geopelia. Geopelia is a genus of small, long-tailed doves. They are native to South-east Asia and Australasia and are most often found in open country and scrubland. The genus contains eleven species


Genus Geotrygon. Geotrygon is a bird genus in the pigeon and dove family (Columbidae). Its members are called quail-doves and all live in the Neotropics. The genus contains twenty-eight species


Genus Goura. The crowned pigeons (Goura) is a genus of birds in the family Columbidae. It contains four large species of pigeons that are endemic to the island of New Guinea. The species are alike and replace each other geographically. The genus contains four species


Genus Leptotila. Leptotila is a genus of birds in the family Columbidae. The genus contains eleven species


Genus Macropygia. Macropygia is a genus of bird in the pigeon and dove family Columbidae. The genus is one of three genera known as cuckoo-doves. They are long-tailed, range between 27–45 cm in length and have brown plumage. The genus ranges from India and China through Indonesia and the Philippines to Vanuatu and Australia. The genus contains fifteen species


Genus Metriopelia. Metriopelia is a genus of ground doves containing four species that live in the dry, upland habitats along the Andean mountain chain in South America. They have large wings and orange skin around the eyes.The genus contains four species


Genus Patagioenas. Patagioenas is a genus of New World pigeons whose distinctness from the genus Columba was long disputed but ultimately confirmed. It is basal to the Columba-Streptopelia radiation. The genus contains seventeen species


Genus Spilopelia. Spilopelia is a genus of doves that are closely related to Streptopelia, yet distinguished from them by differences in morphology and behavior. The genus contains two species


Genus Streptopelia. Streptopelia is a genus of birds in the dove family. These are mainly slim, small to medium-sized species. The upperparts tend to be pale brown, and the underparts are often a shade of pink. The genus contains fifteen species


Genus Treron. Treron is a genus of bird in the pigeon family Columbidae. Its members are commonly called green pigeons. The genus is distributed across Asia and Africa. The genus contains twenty-nine species


Genus Turtur. Turtur is a small genus of doves native to Sub-Saharan Africa. The genus contains five species


Genus Zenaida. The Zenaida doves (Zenaida) make up a small genus of American doves. The genus contains seven species


Various Genera. All birds photographed with only one species (photographed so far) in a certain Genus