Bird Families of the World

Chestnut-capped Puffbird

Puffbirds are patient sit-and-wait predators of large invertebrates and small vertebrates in forested Neotropical habitats.  They recall the forest kingfishers of the Eastern Hemisphere.

The family is Bucconidae.

There are 36 species placed in 10 genera.

Notharchus with 6 species (1)
Bucco with 4 species (3)
Nystalus with 5 species
Hypnelus with 1 specie
Malacoptila with 7 species (3)
Micromonacha with 1 specie
Nonnula with 6 species
Monasa with 4 species (2)
Chelidoptera with 1 specie (1)
Hapaloptila with 1 specie

So far I have photographed 10 different species

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Updated 29/03/2020