Bird Families of the World

Plum-headed Parakeet

Old World parrots are found in a wide range of wooded habitats. Primarily found in tropical and sub-tropical habitats, some species range into temperate wooded areas. Even in species that inhabit more open habitats, such as grasslands and savannas, trees are important for nesting.

The family is Psittaculidae.

There are 189 species placed in 45 genera.

So far I have photographed 20 different species. In case I photographed the male and the female I have added a photograph of both.

Of the following genera I did not photograph any specie so far:

Psittrichas with 1 specie
Micropsitta with 6 species
Polytelis with 3 species
Alisterus with 3 species
Aprosmictus with 2 species
Prioniturus with 10 species
Psittinus with 1 specie
Mascarinus with 1 specie
Lophopsittacus with 2species
Necopsittacus with 1 specie
Psittacella with 4 species
Pezoporus with 2 species
Neopsittacus with 2 species
Neophema with 2 species
Lathamus with 1 specie
Prosopeia with 3 species
Eunymphicus with 2 species
Cyanoramphus with 10 species
Barnardius with 1 specie
Platycercus with 6 species
Northiella with 2 species
Psephotus with 5 species
Purpureicephalus with 1 specie
Cyclopsitta with 2 species
Psittaculirostris with 3 species
Bolbopsittacus with 1 specie
Melopsittacus with 1 specie
Oreopsittacus with 1 specie
Charmosyna with 14 species
Phigys with 1 specie
Vini with 5 species
Chalcopsitta with 4 species
Lorius with 6 species
Glossopsitta with 3 species
Psitteuteles with 3 species
Eos with 6 species
Pseudeos with 1 specie
Trichoglossus with 12 species

See below the genera of which I photographed at least two specie. At the end, I have placed "Various genera".  Here you will find a collection of genera with only one species photographed. To make it easier you can find the genus name combined with the species name (visible when displaying the photograph)

Click on one of the thumbnails below to see a bigger photograph.

Updated 08/04/2020


Agapornis - Lovebirds with 9 species (5)



Coracopsis - Vasa Parrots with 3 species (2)



Loriculus - Hanging Parrots with 14 species (3)



Psittacula with 15 species (7)



Various genera  (3)

Geoffroyus with 3 species
Eclectus with 2 species
Tanygnathus with 4 species