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Scarlet Minivet

Cuckooshrikes are widespread in forest and savanna habitats of Asia, Australia, and Africa. Cuckooshrikes are not closely related to either the cuckoos or to the shrikes; the name probably comes from the grey color of many of the Cuckooshrikes.

The family is Campephagidae

There are 89 species placed in 11 genera.

So far I have photographed 19 different species. In case I photographed the male and the female I have added a photograph of both.

To make it easier you can find the genus name combined with the species name (visible when displaying the photograph)

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Updated 25/04/2020


Minivets Photographed species in the genus

Pericrocotus with 15 species (9)


Cuckooshrikes & Trillers Photographed species in the genera

Coracina with 27 species (4)
Campephaga with 4 species (1)
Lalage with 19 species (4)
Ceblepyris with 6 species (1)