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Cape White-eye

White-eyes, Yuhinas are birds living the forests of Africa, Asia, and many islands of the Pacific. White-eyes all have a brush-tipped tongue and a fondness for nectar as a supplement to fruits and insects.  Yuhinas are generally crested birds in plumages of greys or brown with a bit of contrasting patterns often around the face. They are highly social.

The family is Zosteropidae

There are 136 species placed in 15 genera

So far I have photographed 14 different species.

To make it easier you can find the genus name combined with the species name (visible when displaying the photograph)

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Updated 09/05/2020


White-eyes, Yuhinas and Allies.  Photographed species in the following genera

Yuhina With 11 species (4)
Zosterops With 96 species (10)