Bird Families of the World

Eastern Golden Weaver

Weavers got their names because of the way they are building their nests. They are making strong and amazing structures. Besides nest building, another interesting point is the way they live in colonies, with as a most impressive example the way of life of the Red-billed Queleas. They move around in big groups up to million of birds.

The family is Ploceidae

There are 118 species placed in 16 genera.

So far I have photographed 50 different species. Of many species, I photographed male as well as female. If so I have added a photograph of each one.

See below the genera of which I photographed at least two specie. At the end, I have placed "Various genera".  Here you will find a collection of genera with only one species photographed. To make it easier you can find the genus name combined with the species name (visible when displaying the photograph)

Click on one of the thumbnails below to see a bigger photograph.

Updated 15/05/2020


Euplectus with 17 species (9)



Plocepassar with 4 species (3)



Ploceus with 63 species (26)



Pseudonigrita with 2 species (2)



Sporopipes with 2 species (2)



Various Genus

Bubalornis with 2 species
Dinemellia with 1 specie
Philetairus with 1 specie
Malimbus with 10 species
Anaplectes with 1 specie
Quelea with 3 species
Foudia with 8 species
Amblyospiza with 1 specie