The Klipspringer (Oreotragus oreotragus) is a small antelope found in eastern and southern Africa.
Weighing 11-13 Kg and standing 500-600mm high at the shoulders, this is a small and stocky antelope. Ewes are slightly larger than the rams. Only rams have short horns, which are ringed only at the base. Klipspringer has smallish rounded ears positioned far back on the head, and with noticeable dark inner markings. The coarse-haired coat is variable in color with shades of grey, yellow, brown, or red, with marked white underparts, chin, and lips. A prominent feature is the large, black pre-orbital gland.
Diet consists of the selective browsing of flowers, tender green shoots, and fruits of a wide variety of shrubs and herbs. Hardly ever feeds on grass. Not dependent on drinking water.




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