The Suni (Neotragus moschatus) is a small antelope. It occurs in dense underbrush from central Kenya to KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa.
They are usually reddish-brown, darker on their back than their sides and legs. The belly, chin, throat, and insides of legs are white. The nostrils are prominent red, and there are black rings around the eyes and above the hooves. Males have horns (8–13 cm) long, that are ridged most of their length and curve backward close to their heads. Females do not have horns. Suni can make weak barking and whistling sounds.
It feeds on leaves, fungi, fruits, and flowers, and need almost no free water. They are shy, most active at night, and sleep during the day in a shady, sheltered area. They are social but males defend a territory of about three hectares.




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