Small Indian Civet


The Small Indian Civet (Viverricula indica) is a civet native to South and Southeast Asia. It has a rather coarse fur that is brownish grey to pale yellowish-brown, with usually several longitudinal black or brown bands on the back and longitudinal rows of spots on the sides. Usually, there are five or six distinct bands on the back and four or five rows of spots on each side. Generally, there are two dark stripes from behind the ear to the shoulders, and often a third in front, crossing the throat. Its underfur is brown or grey, often grey on the upper parts of the body and brown on the lower. The grey hairs on the upper parts are often tipped with black. The head is grey or brownish grey, the chin often brown. The ears are short and rounded with a dusky mark behind each ear, and one in front of each eye. The feet are brown or black. Its tail has alternating black and whitish rings, seven to nine of each color. It feeds on rats, mice, birds, snakes, fruit, roots, and carrion.




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