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Madagascar 2019

Our trip to see the highlights of Madagascar has been a great success. If you are just interested in birds, it is maybe not the most productive trip you can think of (although we photographed 98 different species of which 73 never photographed or seen before). It certainly was very interesting to see species of several for me new families as Mesites, Ground Rollers, Asities and Vangas. Especially the Vangas family is a strange one with species, who at first site are so different that it is difficult to see family similarities.
Besides birds, Madagascar has to offer much more very interesting animals. We were able to photograph a very good number of Lemurs, between day and night a total of 22 different species.
Besides this the Chameleons are a specialty which will be difficult to find anywhere else. We photographed at least 13 different species and maybe more. Identification is complicated because of the lack of good and detailed field guides. We also saw many interesting very strange reptiles, like lizards, iguanas, gecko’s, frogs and so on.
We started the tour with a flight from Antananarivo to Morondava, from where we went to visit the deciduous forest area of Kirindy Reserve. An interesting and successful place to start our trip and we were very happy to have good siting’s of 2 different Fossa’s (the largest predator and a real danger for all lemurs). It is also the best place to see baobab trees and the famous Baobab Lane.
Our next stop was at the Tsingy of Bemaraha National Park after driving for several hours on a sandy track and crossing 2 rivers. The N.P. is like a gigantic limestone cathedral and constitutes a dense network of limestone blocks.
After a long drive with an overnight in Antsirabe we visited the Ranomafana N.P. a huge rainforest area. As always, a difficult habitat for photography, but we still managed to get good shots of interesting animals.
We continued further south wards to Isalo N.P. Isalo is a semi-desert area characterized by its huge canyons, oases and lunar landscape - home for lemurs and many other endemic species.
Finally, we reached our most Southern destination Ifaty. From here we visited a very interesting private park with Spiny forest.
After a flight from Tuléar to Antananarivo we went east wards to Andasibe N.P. where we stayed 3 nights. A very interesting region with a lot of things to see and to photograph
 For our final destination, we headed to the north. The Ankarafantsika N.P. is really worth the effort of a full day driving. We also made a boat trip and had great views of the Madagascar Fish Eagle.
Before leaving Madagascar we visited the Ramsar Site of Tsarasaotra Lake.

Below a selection of photographs taken during this trip. Hovering over the image you will see a toolbar at the bottom where you can start a slideshow if you wish to do so.

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