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Madagascar coming soon

Madagascar has always been high on my list of destinations to visit. The number of birds is not similar to other countries but almost every bird is something special. There are around 280 species recorded of which 72 are migrators. More than 50% of the permanently present birds are endemics. There are even 7 bird families endemic to Madagascar

There is one bird we certainly will not be able to photograph; The Elephant bird. This bird, extinct for centuries now, could reach a weight of 730 kg and 3 m tall. But there are many other beautiful ones which I would love to see.

I am interested in all wildlife. The composition of Madagascar Wildlife reflects the fact that the island has been isolated for about 88 million years. The result is that Madagascar is home to an abundance of plants and animals found nowhere else on Earth.

From Antananarivo we will fly to Morondava to visit the area of Kirindy Reserve to try to photograph a “Fossa” in the wild. We will visit the N.P. of Tsingy de Bemaraha, which looks like a gigantic limestone cathedral. This park is home to 13 species of Lemurs. From there we will visit Ranomafana N.P. Our next visit will be to Isalo N.P. with its eroded sandstone formations and from there we will head southwards to Tulear towards the Savannah and the Boabab area and visit Ifaty.

The second part of the trip will go to Andasibe N.P., the rainforest at Analamazaotra Nature Reserve. Then we drive to Ankarafantsika N.P., which is one of the most varied and rich N.P. of Madagascar. Finally, back to Antananarivo we will have a morning looking for birds at the Ramsar Site of Tsarasaotra Lake.

Not necessary to say that I am looking really forward to this experience